Warms me fecking heart it does.

Cory Doctorow’s Short stories, which are collected in  the book, Overclock, are going to be adapted into comics. The cover above is for Anda’s Game, done by the incredible drawing animal Sam Kieth. Here’s the list of stories that are being adapted:

Anda’s Game
I, Robot
After the Siege
When Sysadmins Ruled the Earth
Nimby and the D-Hoppers

Another one for the pull list.

About Juan Navarro

Juan Navarro is an Artist and Writer, who works in Comics and Film, past works include ZOMBIE YEARS, TOMMY (with John Ulloa) and the webcomic VIGIL, and currently the Editor-in-Chief of CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT. Past film credits include WALL OF SHAME, THANKS GRANDPA and COLLECTORS. Upcoming projects are REZ and 5.BRO
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